Professional development of employees

Specialists and executives of the enterprise group “Stroyservis” annually take part in conferences, forums, congresses; they attend study courses in the best training centers of Russia, and undergo trainings at industrial enterprises of neighboring and other countries.

There are regular corporate trainings for the development of professional competence among employees of all levels.

In 2006 on the territory of AO “Razrez “Shestaki” 

a production-and-training center for training, development and advanced training of working personnel was created. Educational activities are carried out under the perpetual license No. 15756 dated 16.02.2016, series 42Л01, No. 0002803, issued by the Federal Service for Supervision In Education And Science for Kemerovo Oblast (Kuzbassobrnadzor). The production-and-training center is equipped with modern educational materials that are needed. 

The main activity of the production-and-training center is preparing the candidates for operating mining and conveyor equipment. There are also training courses for metalwork and railway jobs. Currently, the training is conducted for more than 70 jobs.

Theoretical classes are taught by professors-specialists with decades of experience, production training is organized at workplaces under the guidance of highly qualified mentors. Upon completion of the training the candidates receive a training certificate and a permission to work on equipment.

AO “Razez “Shestaki” has a right to provide services in Health and Safety training to employers and employees (register number 4890 dated 10.05.2017).

During its time, the production-and-training center “Shestaki” trained more than 33.3 thousand professionals, over 14 thousand of which work for the enterprises of “Stroyservis”.