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OAO "Gubakhinskiy Cox"

OAO "Gubakhinskiy Cox"

ОАО "Gubahinskiy coke" (Perm Territory, Gubakha town) was established in 2000. The enterprise was based on the oldest plant of the Western Urals - "Gubahinskiy coke" which was commissioned in 1936. OAO "Gubakhinskiy Coke" – is a plant with a complete cycle of coke production, it specializes in the raw coal processing. OAO "Gubakhinskiy Cox" is a form part of ZAO "Stroiservice" group of companies.

The plant manufactures high quality metallurgical coke of size of 40 mm, foundry coke (of 25 mm), coke nut (of 10-25 mm), coke breeze (of 0-10 mm.).

OAO "Gubakhinskiy Cox” also produces a wide range of chemical products obtained by coal-tar pitch processing: an electrode pitch (in liquid and granular state), naphthalene refined, coal oils of different brands and etc.

The shop of coal preparation has indoor and outdoor storage facilities where the coal concentrate is kept. That shop is equipped with car dumpers, stacker-rotor, grinding department (for the preliminary and final coal cleavage). The charging material which further transfers to the coke oven plant is the product of the coal preparation shop. On the photo is winter view.

The shop of coal preparation includes: coke-oven battery, char tower, coke machines, device for wet quenching of coke, coke ramp with a device for receiving and supplying the coke for sorting, device for coke sorting and transferring it to wagons, etc.

Recycling of chemical products (plant for chemical products recycling) divides into two branches: capturing of chemical coking products and the coal pitch processing. 

In the first branch coal tar and ammonia are isolated from coke oven gas. The purified gas is fed into the coke oven plant for heating the batteries and for the other needs of the plant. The second branch is intended to produce chemical products: electrode pitch, coke feedstock, coal oil, naphthalene, and other products.

The plant includes some auxiliary workshops:

  • Workshop for mechanical equipment repairing.
  • Workshop of  energy equipment repairing. It is responsible for supplying of the plant and all the production shops with energy.
  • Train workshop which maintains the smooth operation of the main shops. It provides the transportation of coal, empty cars, tanks, cars with coke products and tanks with chemicals.
  • Workshop of road transportation. It provides transportation of goods, raw materials; it is also responsible for transportation of workers, carrying out earthmoving and lifting work.

OAO "Gubakhinskiy Coke" pays a lot of attention to social aspects of work. The enterprise helps municipalities and community organizations, institutions of education, it supports the cultural and sport activities.  OAO "Gubakhinskiy Coke" invested in the construction of the local temple for several years, and financed the reconstruction of the Victory Square.

The plant maintains contacts with veterans of the company, organizes the meetings of veterans, provides them with financial assistance.

"Gubakhinskiy Coke" concentrates on the recruitment of young professionals to the plant. The program which is being realized here gives yesterday's graduates the perfect opportunity for self-actualization and career advancement.

OAO "Gubakhinskiy Cox"
Torgovaya Street, 1
Gubakha town
Perm Territory
Russian Federation
618 250,
Tel. (342-48) 4-59-61, fax (342-48) 4-59-62

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