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OAO “Gubakhinskiy Coke”

“Gubakhinskiy Coke” (Gubakha, Perm Krai) was put into operation in 1936 and became the first coke-chemical production facility in the Urals. It has been a part of the enterprise group AO “Stroyservis” since 2010.

OAO “Gubakhinskiy Coke” is a modern high-technology facility with a full production cycle of coke and chemical products of the established quality. At the moment there are two coke-oven batteries with a total capacity of 1.3 million tons of bulk coke with 6% moisture per year. High quality of the output products is ensured by the company’s own raw material base ‒ coal is delivered from the enterprises of AO “Stoyservis” in Kuzbass.

In 2018 the plant produced 700 thousand tons of bulk coke with 6% moisture. At the end of 2017 the launch of coke-oven battery 1-bis, which was in hot preservation, allowed to double the production volume. Figure growth is connected with the expansion of markets for specialized metallurgical coke used for production of cast iron and ferromanganese, as well as foundry coke KL+80mm which is used for production of heat-insulating materials.

In 2018 “Gubakhinskiy Coke” increased the share of exported products from 5% to 15% by means of supplies to South Africa, Turkey, and member states of the EU.

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OAO “Gubakhinskiy Coke”
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