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OAO "Shestaki"

The open-cut mine "Shestaki" joined the group of companies ZAO "Stroyservis" in 2000 and became the first enterprise in the group which deals with coal mining. It is located on Bachatskij coal deposit (Guryevsky municipal district, Kemerovo region). The company mines the high-quality steam and coking coal of the following marks: CO, KSN, SS, GZHO, which are in high demand in Russia and abroad. The history of the company dates back to 1919, when the mine was built on the field near the village Staro-Bachata. As the open-cut coal mine "Sestaki" was out into operation in 1969. The annual output of “Shestaki” is 200 thousand tons of coal. Nowadays the production capacity of the open-cut  mine is 1 million tons of coal per year. Since 2000, the coal mining has increased by 4, 5 times and the volume of overburden operations has increased by 3 times.

Dew to sound and effective personnel policies, combined with long-term investments of ZAO "Stroyservis" the open-cut mine "Shestacki" entered the list of first hundred Siberian exporters. 

At the end of November 2007 the construction of the concentration plant was completed in OAO “Shestaki”, and in December 2007 it has started the operation.

More than 100 new jobs were created in the enterprise. When the concentration plant was put into operation the demand for products shipped had been increased, and the price level of coal has increased.

To improve the qualifications of personnel the Training Centre was created in the territory of the company (more then 109 educational programs are used there).

Every summer children of employees are sent to the children's health camps including ones on the Black Sea coast. OAO "Shestaki" is a sponsor of social institutions, poor citizens and veterans. The enterprise performs landscaping of rural settlements and repairing roads. Free coal is stand out for employees and veterans.

Open-cut mine “Shestaki”
Kemerovo Region,
Tel / Fax: (384-52) 9-52-40
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