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Kuznetskiy street, 121, Kemerovo, Russia
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OOO "Razrez Berezovskiy"

OOO  “Razrez Berezovskiy” is located in Prokopyevsk town, Kemerovo region, it has been working in the group of ZAO “Stroyservis” enterprises since February,2005th. The company is engaged in open-cut mining of steam coal and coking coal which possess different qualitative characteristics (such as "OS", "TC" and "KS").

The average annual capacity of the enterprise is over 2 millions tons of coal. The vehicles fleet of the enterprise is constantly updated with new equipment.

Effective interventions in the spheres of industrial security and labor protection are carried out in the enterprise.

Much attention is paid to a healthy lifestyle, different kind of sports are promoted among the workers. Among the sections and departments of the company competitions and tournaments on mini-football, volleyball, weight lifting and etc. take place regularly. Employees attend gyms and swimming pool.

Every year the Authority of the enterprise enters into agreement with the best health resorts and  children campuses in Russia.  

The pensioners are of great importance according to the enterprises policy, the Authority of the company takes care about them. The pensioners are provided with a free coal and the material assistance is rendered to them.

Besides, the town Administration is given a beneficent help: the special machinery for snow-cleaning and road swiping is offered by OOO “Razrez Berezovskiy”, the road filling is carried out and in additional the enterprise sponsors two schools.

OOO “Razrez Berezovskiy”
Ghjspectnaya Street, 14
Kemerovo region
Tel: (384-3) 99-36-52, 99-36-55


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