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OOO SP “Barzasskoye tovarischestvo”

Open-pit mine “Barzasskoye tovarischestvo” (Kemerovo district, Kemerovo Oblast) is the youngest coal producing enterprise of the group, it was built using resources of the company only. It was put into operation by AO “Stroyservis” on 17 March 2006 on sites of the Glushkinskii coal deposit.

The enterprise produces coking and thermal coal of grades KS, KO and SS. There is a processing plant with an annual processing capacity of 2.5 million tons of coal per year.

In 2018 the open-pit mine increased its production as compared to 2017 by 33.7% to 1.8 million tons of coal.

OOO SP “Barzasskoye tovarischestvo”
1B, Nizhnii Barzas St., Berezovskii, Kemerovo Oblast, 652427
Tel./Fax: (384-45) 3-64-59