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OOO "Barzasskoye tovarischestvo"

OOO "Barzasskoye tovarischestvo" is located on Glushinskiy coal deposit (Berezovsky town, Kemerovo region). The enterprise was put into operation on March 17, 2006. The construction of the enterprise (started in April 2004) was carried out by ZAO "Stroyservis".

With the start of construction the mining machinery and equipment were acquired, objects of industrial infrastructure were constructed (sewage treatment plant, mechanical workshop, boiler room with the economic and domestic premises, box-parking for the technological transport, water supply, pumping station). The household plant of the company had been thoroughly overhauled. The electric substation in "Barzas" was built and put into operation; it provides the enterprise with stable electric power and increases the power of mining equipment for the further development of mining operations. In August, 2009 the processing plant of the company was put into operation, the production capacity is 1 million tons of coal per year. The coking and steam coal brands "SS" and "COP" is mined in “Barzasskoye tovarischestvo”. The design capacity of the company is one million tons of coal per year. The company has sporting facilities for the workers to spend their free time. It has well-equipped gym, the best one in the town. Various sports competitions and sports days are taking place in the enterprise.

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