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OOO "Belovopromzheldortrans"

The company of  industrial railways OOO "Belovopromzheldortrans" was established in April the 1st , 1974 on the  base of the fuel and transportation department of Belovo town. In October the 6th, 2003 "Belovopromzheldortrans" company (OOO "BPZHT") joined the group of "Stroyservis". The company carries out the freight rail transportation for coal mining enterprises and other businesses in the region; it also performs construction and maintenance of railway tracks. Besides, the company is engaged in repairing and check testing of locomotives. The special computer diagnostic system "Kiparis" for testing of the locomotives mentioned was created and put into operation. The company has strategic importance for the region because it is engaged in the coal delivery to Belovo. The annual traffic volume is about 8 million tons.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

OOO "BPZHT" annually performs the overhaul and repair of railway tracks and structures, machinery and equipment. The annual costs for the purposes under consideration are about 17 - 20 million rubles. Necessity and importance of these works is great due to high capacity of coal mining and its transportation.

The quality indicators of production are improved and the costs of services provided are reduced this is achieved through the rational use of machinery and petroleum products (excluding non-production costs).

Much attention is paid to social issues. Various sport events are regularly organized and carried out. The company has tennis court of its own.

Ltd. "Belovopromzheldortrans"
652644, Kemerovo Region., Belovo, smt. Inskaya, 151 th
Tel / Fax: +7 (384-52) 98-8-14, 97-508, 97-408

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