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OOO "Beltrans"

OOO "Beltrans" – a motor repair company, it is a member of ZAO "Stroyservis" group of companies since 1999. Since then the mining equipment fleet of "Stroyservis" is increasing with the introduction of new excavators, bulldozers and wheel loaders. In recent years the turnover grew by more than 13 times and 320 new jobs were created.

OOO "Beltrans" carries out all sorts of cargo in Russia. On the premises of the enterprise there are storage facilities, filling station, warm boxes for parking and repair for vehicles. The company has a reliable repair facilities - Central garages. Thorough overhaul, maintenance of  the equipment units and all types of vehicles, mining and transport equipment are carried out there. The mobile metal-framed  premises (domestic and industrial), equipment for measuring cutting steel wire rope, steel containers for various purposes, products from polycarbonate and a variety of industrial equipment is produced in the shop of non-standard equipment TSARM.

The majority of goods transportations from the coal mines of “Stroiservis” enterprises are carried out by Beltrans. The company has well-organized engineering control over the operation of transport.

The sports stadium was built on the premises of “Beltrans”; in summer time various sport competitions take place there. The stadium is equipped with the latest technology – the automatic watering of lawns, ornamental plants, exotic fountains, paved walkways, delicate pavilions one can find there. 

The level of wages in "Beltrans" is one of the highest in the region if to compare one with the other trucking companies.

The applicants for the job in “Beltrans” are hired on a competitive basis only, with mandatory probation. 

The recreation for the workers of the company is properly organized. The company has its own tourist base on the beautiful forest waterfront. Employees' children have their summer vacation on the Black Sea coast for the account of the company. Much attention is paid to veterans of war and labor, financial and other assistance is regularly rendered for that category of people. The company has sponsored pre-school and school facilities.

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