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Kuznetskiy street, 121, Kemerovo, Russia
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ZAO "Stroyservis"

Initially the company specialized in metal tubes and other metal products realization. Then the scope of activities has expanded considerably. Now the main production lines of ZAO "Stroyservis" are: coal mining, preparation (e.g. coal selection, cleaning and drying) and coke production as well as domestic and foreign sales of products. Besides, the company supply to the domestic Russian market...
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ZAO "Stroyservis". Novokuznetsk

Obnorski Street, 61 Novokuznetsk Russia 654 005 Tel / Fax: (384-3) 36-68-05, 36-69-27 e-mail:
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ZAO "Stroyservis". Krasnoyarsk

Bohdan Khmelnytsky Street, 8a Krasnoyarsk Russia  660 013  Tel / Fax: (391-2) 64-20-01, 64-20-02, 64-20-03 e-mail:
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ZAO "Stroyservis". Yekaterinburg

Shefskaya Street, 1 B Yekaterinburg Russia 660013 Tel: (343) 345-01-00, 345-01-02, 345-01-03, 345-01-04 ICQ: 406-143-698
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ZAO "Stroyservis." Moscow

Derbenevskaya Naberezhnaya Street, 11 A, Block A, Section 2, 2nd Floor, Suite A 221 Moscow Russia   115114, Tel: 8 (495) 786-27-93
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OOO "Beltrans"

OOO "Beltrans" – a motor repair company, it is a member of ZAO "Stroyservis" group of companies since 1999. Since then the mining equipment fleet of "Stroyservis" is increasing with the introduction of new excavators, bulldozers and wheel loaders. In recent years the turnover grew by more than 13 times and 320 new jobs were created. OOO "Beltrans" carries out all sorts of cargo in Russia. On...
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OOO "Barzasskoye tovarischestvo"

OOO "Barzasskoye tovarischestvo" is located on Glushinskiy coal deposit (Berezovsky town, Kemerovo region). The enterprise was put into operation on March 17, 2006. The construction of the enterprise (started in April 2004) was carried out by ZAO "Stroyservis". With the start of construction the mining machinery and equipment were acquired, objects of industrial infrastructure were...
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OOO "Belovopromzheldortrans"

The company of  industrial railways OOO "Belovopromzheldortrans" was established in April the 1st , 1974 on the  base of the fuel and transportation department of Belovo town. In October the 6th, 2003 "Belovopromzheldortrans" company (OOO "BPZHT") joined the group of "Stroyservis". The company carries out the freight rail transportation for coal mining enterprises and other businesses in the...
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OOO "Razrez Berezovskiy"

OOO  “Razrez Berezovskiy” is located in Prokopyevsk town, Kemerovo region, it has been working in the group of ZAO “Stroyservis” enterprises since February,2005th. The company is engaged in open-cut mining of steam coal and coking coal which possess different qualitative characteristics (such as "OS", "TC" and "KS"). The average annual capacity of the enterprise is over 2 millions tons of...
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OAO "Shestaki"

The open-cut mine "Shestaki" joined the group of companies ZAO "Stroyservis" in 2000 and became the first enterprise in the group which deals with coal mining. It is located on Bachatskij coal deposit (Guryevsky municipal district, Kemerovo region). The company mines the high-quality steam and coking coal of the following marks: CO, KSN, SS, GZHO, which are in high demand in Russia and abroad....
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